A better tomorrow

Its been well over a month since the world as we know it changed. It seems though as of right now that the worst may be behind us or at least we hope (fingers crossed). With that in mind though, I don’t believe we should all go running through the streets hugging and shaking hands.

Even if we reopen everything like the current plans are, our world will take a long time to ever feel like it used to. Truly, I believe the scariest thing from all of this is that I have found a routine and I wake up every day knowing if I’m not going go to work that day then about 100% of my day will be spent inside my house, and that is just absolute madness.

Here’s hoping though that soon the cycle can be broken, and things will begin to change. With summer on the horizon and like stated earlier possibly the worst behind us, there is still be that light at the end of the tunnel that surely but slowly comes closer into our grasps.

My hopes are that things will be running as business as usual before the Fourth of July. That may be unrealistic I really don’t know, I’d like to be able to see friends maybe even go swimming or something but that’s what I’m hoping for that the summer of my senior year can include the highlights of any other summer.

I hope I’ll be able to get somewhat of a summer movie season though with most films being delay coming out this summer being pushed back to much later in the year it won’t be the same. Here’s hoping I can spend some of the summer surrounded with buckets of popcorn, bags of Sour Patch Kids and explosions on the big screen.

I hope soon enough I’ll be able to have the guys over again. Get some energy drinks, chips, and have a gaming tournament or just talk about our aspirations for after high school and laugh and be able to see them in person again.

I hope I’ll be able to have my graduation party as well as go to my friends and celebrate and say goodbye to people that I have been surrounded with for the past 12 years. I hope the pictures we get to take aren’t of us over computer screens or standing six feet apart.

I hope and look forward to august when the weather gets a little colder, things calm down and I get to settle into a new place at college and start a new chapter in my life. These hopes me be the main thing keeping me and most everyone sane during this time. I’m tired of living in a world that is on pause and I’m sure everyone else is too. So, here’s to a brighter future whenever it may come.