A message from the adviser

Dear Northwest Allen Community:

During this time of unease and concern, The Charger Online plans on publishing on a regular basis. We owe it to you, the reader and our students. We don’t know what this will look like.

How do you report on what’s happening at school when there’s little happening at school? Our coverage will change. Students will not be able to interview people face to face because of social distancing. We will try to tell the story of our students, staff, faculty and community as best we can.

I have confidence in our staff and their capabilities to cover what’s going on. Many of their stories will be personally reflective on the Coronavirus. We will report on how Remote Learning affects teachers and students. We will report on students concerns about their school year and what losing a large portion of it means in the greater picture. Truth be told, we don’t know a lot right now.

We will report on this as only students who are living through this can, honestly and openly.

We will get through this.

We will educate.

We will stay safe.


Nol Beckley
Adviser, The Charger Online