Working during coronavirus

I work at Walmart and I am finding it to be interesting working during a pandemic moment in history.

As a company we have to stay open because we are the core supplier of groceries and necessities that people buy on a regular basis.

My biggest fear is contracting COVID-19 from work because that is the only place I am going to and the only place I would contract it from.

This worries me because I work with a large number of elderly people which is very concerning, it also scares me that I could bring it home to mom who has a heart condition so she is prone to getting it.

I did not actually go to work last weekend due to my mothers fear of me getting it.

Although I am planning on going in this weekend amid the state shutdown.

I am a part time worker and only work weekends so I am not considered a “necessity.”

I would not be surprised if I was told to stay home, but I would like to go to work.

Working would keep me busy during this lonesome boring time and keep me sane, aside from getting a deadly virus.

I hope that this gets organized and taken care of and we will soon be able to see each other in person for once.