Staying home a roller coaster ride


Gabriella Hall

Gabriella practices her self timer skills while stuck at home.

My initial thoughts:

I think we all knew this was coming in some sort of way. I know I was scared and mad at all the misinformation. It was a “when” not an “if,” and now it’s being extended. All I can think about is everything that’s ruined. The school year and all the events it took down with it, birthdays, relationships with your peers and teachers, all ruined, or at least switched up. I think now I feel like we are all stuck on a giant roller coaster.

The Ups

At first, I got to spend a lot of time with a few people before the stay at home order. I’ve really been under a ton of pressure and have been procrastinating everything and not felt motivated lately but since this, I feel like I have so much more time. I never was home or had time for the people in my life. I have caught up on most schoolwork, I’ve felt a lot more motivated to try new things, and I’ve gotten to hang out with my family.

However, This is one thing I haven’t caught up on, I’ve been pushing writing this off because I didn’t want to be reminded of this huge change, I’ve always hated change, but change can be good and talking about it is helping more than I thought. I’ve started painting, taking pictures, attempting to work out and cook more for my family, I spent a whole day playing Just Dance on my Xbox in the living room with my family instead of in my room alone. It really has taken a big weight off my shoulder having more time to do the things I’ve been pushing away.

The downs

Some nights I just can’t sleep because of the way this has messed up my schedule. Some days I sleep all day and don’t eat. Sometimes I feel so alone. You get in a fight with your family and you can’t escape. I also feel like there is a certain breed of people, if not then I’m the only one, that has tons of friends at school but you come home and they don’t exist. They are just a part of your school life. I feel like I don’t have any friends right now and so many people are going through the same thing but don’t know who to talk to.

If I were to post something sad on social media sure a few people will reach out but no one is going out of their way to contact me. I’m sitting in my room in the dark in the corner and the only friend I have is my dog. I don’t know if I’m the only one but please check on your friends, check on the random people in your classes, the people who you wouldn’t know it by sitting next to them in class but they go home sometimes and feel so alone.

Spring break feels like a punishment during this social distancing. The people who usually choose to be alone are probably dying for some positive message, some kind of love from an acquaintance they’ve known since first grade, a potential friend during this hard time. I know I am. My birthday is tomorrow and for once I am really not excited.

Gabriella Hall
Gabriella’s self timer skills fail in this very blurry photo bombed picture.

My conclusion

The best thing I think you can do during this time is to hold on to positivity. It can be so easy to let the sad and loneliness overwhelm you but that will do you no good. Also don’t forget to Value and enjoy this time with your family, no matter how you got it be grateful for what you have. We are all riding this roller coaster and you are not alone. Don’t let this control your life and make it bad.

Oh and wash your hands! 🙂