Feeling of normal no longer exists


Everything is incredibly strange. The world is currently upside down and nothing seems normal. 

The feeling of normal is now dead. The feeling of everything being different is now becoming comfortable. 

I never really believed that I would get comfortable with the idea of everything being different.

The feeling of isolation is somewhat comforting at this point. It’s the only thing that’s consistent. And not being able to see friends and family is not strange anymore.

Everything seems more well-adjusted and we’re going to get used to this before we know it. It’s kind of funny how different normal will feel after all of this.

People will act weird around each other as they probably have not socialized face-to-face with their friends since the whole crisis began. 

Stores will be packed with people even though there’s no reason for it. Schools will feel like a strange entity.

Not being able to wake up at noon on a Friday will be incredibly strange. And seeing our friends again everyday will be incredible.

 it seems as if everything that we knew as normal is now all we ever wanted. I think the strangers parts that I and so many people have dealt with is the gift of time. 

Since this crisis started all we have is time and nothing to do with it. It’s the first time and many people’s lives that they actually can do whatever they want and have time to watch the TV show they wanted to 3 years ago and finish that book they’ve been dying to read.

 I think the hardest thing to address once everything becomes somewhat normal again is that we will be robbed of time. It will be strange to go back to the busy life that we were once so used to. 

It will feel strange not to have time in the day to do whatever we want and it will feel strange to have to have a schedule again. For right now however things are constantly changing and it will be quite interesting to see what comes up all of this. 

Within the time that we have and the endless amount of time we’ve been given it’s important to realize the important things in life and be grateful for the small things.