Nation goes forward lacking leadership


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President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence hold a press conference daily to talk about the coronavirus.

A nation without a leader.

If that statement is not obvious by now then it’s too late. Our nation has little to no guidance and our people have and will continue to lose faith. It is hard to watch our president stumble through his words as if it has no effect on the people. 

More than ever we’ve needed a president who is well-spoken and is willing to calm down the people as much as he can.

However, we have a bumbling toddler in the white house. 

The plan to protect the people of America has forever failed during this crisis. President Trump is the least qualified leader we ever had and it’s really showing at this point.

When asked how he would help the American people calm down during a crisis he berated and mocked the reporter instead of answering the softball of a question.

 It’s not evidence that President Trump’s office is falling at the seams in the face of this crisis.

He is responsible now to calm his people and to ensure their safety which are both fronts he’s failed. Within every opportunity to calm down the American people President Trump has taken it onto himself to brag instead of actually facing the issue at hand

During this crisis we have lost leadership in the white house. There is no leadership. There is no guidance.

We are a nation without leadership.