New reality takes hold

Sophomore Gracie Rose, Features Editor

Life is weird. Yes, life is weird in general, but to a much higher degree right now. It feels like a warped universe where time is passing both quickly and slowly in a loop. I can’t believe it’s already mid-April because the days feel like they are passing by so quickly, but at the same time it feels like its been eternity since we’ve been to school. I think I’ve adjusted to the new way of life for now. I’m pretty good with making do with what I’m given, so I’m just doing my best to stay positive. The most frightening thing is imaging how long this could drag out. A vaccine could take years to discover, so this won’t be completely over for a long time. I’m worried about the possibility of the beginning of next school year being online as well. But I know I cannot change any of this, and so I will continue to do my best to stay healthy and positive. Since its been so long since I’ve been around other people, my friends are beginning to seem like abstract concepts. Yes, I know they are still there, and I still talk to them, but the times when we would be together in person feel like a different reality. One that I wish I could go back to.

Senior Casey Berndt, Staff Reporter

My life has changed a lot since the shelter in place was put in order. I normally would go to work on the weekends, which is Walmart and I loved doing that. My mom and I agreed that I should stay home for the time being because i do not want to be exposed to anything while at work because that is the kind of setting for viruses, like corona.  I really do miss work though I took it for granted for sure because that was my escape when I felt stressed. Work was a calm and fun environment and I miss the interaction with my co workers. I am hoping that this all gets under control and I will be able to safely go back to work.

I also am used to going out every Friday with  my cousins and going to the mall, movies, out to eat, hockey games, and putt putt. I miss that interaction with my cousins because were basically each others best friends and to have that taken away is sad. There has been some constant and normal things that have not changed in my life. to me it feels like a spring break to me because my family does not go anywhere and I normally am at home all day by myself while my parents work and I will just watch YouTube and play video games. My sister and I are the ones going to buy groceries and we really only stick to going to the gas station and Walgreens. The only concern I have is when this will be over it really hit me the other day I want to go out and see people and just interact I have taken all that for granted for sure.

Senior Andrew Brown, Staff Reporter

I’ve noticed a lot of details about my house because of the lockdown.

I have multiple scratches on the wall under my bed. A sparrow made a nest one of our trees. The swamp in our backyard spans a larger area than you’d expect. This hasn’t done much to relive the boredom. The problem is my life mostly the same. I have an erratic sleep schedule, I write subpar stories, I think about stuff. We need to be thankful for our blessings.

However, it doesn’t stop the boredom from taking hold. Making everything go so slow. The worst part is that when you’re bored you start thinking. What should I eat today? When will I eat today? What about tomorrow? How many calories will I have eaten? What’s the endgame of all of this? When we get to the end what will we have learned from Corona. Will we be a little nicer to our neighbors? The cynic in me says politics won’t allow it. Will we change our healthcare systems to be more prepared in case another virus comes along?

Not likely. Again, politics will ruin this. Will anything change? I don’t know. That’s what scares me most. The wait to figure out what the hell is going on. It’s mind-numbingly horrific. It’s better to slag through the boredom without thought. It feels better to live a fantasy than the real world.

Junior Brayden Busz, Staff Reporter

I never go outside. A lot of stories are saying no more than two people peer family.  I’ve been home trying to keep me not distracted from leaving and going outside.  Nothing is the same for my family and I. My family is the type of family to  do stuff outside like fishing, playing sports, riding bikes, and etc. Now we can’t do that. Were stuck in our homes till who knows when. The only thing I go outside for is taking my dogs on a walk around my block.

But I do have a concern. When are going back to school? Everyone is saying the most we aren’t going back till Christmas. But I have also heard that everything will be back to normal when school starts up again.  Is class 2020 going to be affected about by this?  Are there going to be fall  sports or winter sports? I know it might be early but these are the questions I have for next school year.

Junior Isabella Collins, Staff Reporter

Although it is nice to do remote learning at home in comfy clothes, the amount of assignments I have been receiving has been too much on my mental health. I understand that we don’t have classes for the same amount of time we used to have, but handing out loads of work is making me have mental breakdowns nearly every night. I hope the load decreases so I can actually take time to destress and focus on spending time with family and my hobbies.

Besides stress, I don’t have any concerns regarding school because many of my questions have already been answered like, “Are we going to be able to retrieve our items from our lockers?” I like the amount of communication our school has, it makes me more comfortable during this unprecedented time.

For life however, I question when this will all be over. When will people start listening to the stay-at-home order? It makes me upset to see people hanging out with friends because it just means that the cases wont continue to slow unless these people listen which I don’t see happening in the near future. The virus may seem like all fun and games to these people, but they won’t be laughing if they were to get it.

Sophomore Ashlyn Rinehart, Staff Reporter

Once the reality hit that life would be like this for a while, I did a lot a reflection. It was through that time of reflection over aspects of my life that I realized that there was no point in panicking.

My life wasn’t going to change drastically. I still was going to spend all of my spare time at home, but this time I was required to. I wouldn’t be going into the school building, but I would still be going to school.

I realized that I still had my family and myself. I think that happiness comes from within, and physical objects will never give me the happiness I need. The only way I would make it through is to take things as they happen, not overthink it, but most importantly, not to long for past things.

Life has changed, but there isn’t anything I can do about it, so there is no point in wishing for what life was like before this happened.

I think the only way to survive, especially socially, is to find something inside of myself that keeps me happy and hold onto that. We will be able to be social again, but life will never be the same type of normal as it was a few months ago.

So, I guess I have no worries. What will happen will happen, and I can’t change that. All I can do is try to stay healthy, happy, and kind.