Shortened year makes moments more important for senior


VM Smith

Josten’s Designer Rick Brooks works with Editor-in-Chief Graham Ruselink, Student Life Editor Sydni Amick, Sports Editor Liz Knorr and Clubs Editor Kelsi Hoot on the cover of the 2020 Cavalier yearbook on August 26, 2019. Mr. Brooks comes to Carroll High School to help bring the editors’ vision to life every year. Photo by VM Smith.

Building memories is always a part of high school, but for one senior, it is a passion.

“I knew STARTING senior year I was gonna make a senior video because I wanted a fun way to conglomerate several memories that were highlights of my year,” said senior Graham Rueslink, who is also the editor of the yearbook.  

With not being able to have phones in school, it is very difficult to capture all of the moments spent laughing and joking around with friends in class. Besides having those few teachers that may allow a quick picture or video, most filming of high school memories occurs at football games, or parties, or nights with friends. 

“There were times I would forget to pull out my phone and record but most of the time I got out my phone for like five seconds to record just a snip of the moment,” said Graham. 

Even having a little piece of the memory on camera or video makes a huge difference. With all the countless memories that occur in high school, the ones that are captured are the ones that will last forever. 

“Piecing together all the videos was super cool because some of the moments I recorded I didn’t even remember happening,” said Graham. “I cried almost the entire time making it.”

It’s crazy how after a couple months go by, some memories will be totally forgotten, but when the pictures of these events are seen it first brings about a whole new emotion, one of happiness and good thoughts.

“It’s crazy how EACH five second video has a much greater story. When watching it all get put together my brain flashes back to each of the memories, remembering all what happened that night or day and it just brings me so much joy,” Graham said.

But joy and happiness aren’t the only emotions looking at pictures bring, it also brings sadness. Sadness of not being able to relive these memories except for in a picture. Sadness of not having more good times with the same friend group or teachers. 

“I know how much fun was left to be had- yet it was all cut so short and it just makes me very sad. I am glad that going into senior year my friends and I lived with the mindset of “for the mems” because it made for one heck of a year,” said Graham. 

This year was especially difficult. No matter what grade you are in, having the year cut short unexpectedly means not being able to create more of these good memories, especially for seniors as next year they will be in college, and possibly not near any of their high school friends. 

“Knowing that we aren’t going back makes my heart break. But I have definitely come to realize that I take everyday for granted. I complained and grunted so much about going to school, internship, having to do stupid busy work, and having so much on my plate. But now I would do ANYTHING to have it all back,”said Graham. “But at the same time I am trying to remember it is all about perspective. This isn’t the worst thing that could be happening. Yes it sucks- and ya seniors have to worry. But I am so thankful my family is safe and healthy and that we have a roof over our head, and food in the fridge.”