Quarantine cooking leads to personal discovery

Quarantine has lead us to getting take out more than usual.

Trust me it gets old, real fast.

Take out can only last you so many nights of not cooking.

My mother and I have taken up the hobby of cooking while my sister has been taking on baking.

Cooking home made food seemed foreign once we started to go back to it.

Before corona we would normally order pizza, get Taco Bell, or eat frozen pizzas.

My mother, who now works from home, is able to make a good dinner because she is literally 10 steps from th kitchen.

Once she clocks out she will begin to make dinner.

What I noticed from watching my mom cook, is that she truly enjoys it.

I never knew that about her probably since she is always bsuy and normally when she would ocme home from work it would be late and she would be tired.

My dad on the other hand still goes to work but when he is off he has been cooking dinner too.

I knew my dad was a good cook but I guess I had forgotten.

Taking time to cook with your family is a nice experience to have and you can really enjoy it more than you think.