Teen spending habits differ greatly

Student spends $3000 on 'Yeezys'

Luke Hanna, Co-Editor in chief

  While some teenagers are able to spend their money wisely and save up for their future, some seem to spend money carelessly. Nowadays, money for teenagers is used purely as an object of entertainment rather than something that could improve their days to come.

  In Fort Wayne, there is not much to do without spending a little bit of cash. Students seem to spend most of their money on leisure such as dinner or bowling rather than obtainable objects used for long periods of time. Junior Brenden Faux spends his money on fun like most kids in high school rather than saving.

  “Sometimes I spend my money pretty carelessly,” Brenden said, “I mainly spend my money on food, clothes, shoes, and stuff like that.”

Some Yeezys can cost more than $2000. Creative Commons Photo

  Brenden is a prime example of a high school student spending money on personal interests. This summer with a part-time job at Subway paying minimum wage, Brenden decided to take an extreme amount of money out of the bank for a several pairs of shoes.

  “About two months ago I took a loan out of about $3000 for three pairs of Yeezys,” Brenden said.

“They’re really comfortable.”

  Although Brenden may be reckless with his money, he still has a plan to save it. He currently works part time at Taco Bell, and splits his paycheck in half for spending money and for paying off the $3000 loan for shoes.

  On the other hand, some students do have a solid plan on how to save their money for college. Senior Noah Harlan worked at Tim Horton’s for a year and now has a job at Walmart too. He has saved over $5000 for his car and future.

  “I usually put about $300 from my paycheck into my savings account,” Noah said, “But I usually don’t spend my money.”

  Noah believes it is not difficult to save up money as long as someone has the right mindset ahead of time.

  “You just need to put your mind toward saving and not going into the mentality of what I can buy next,” he said.

  Noah has set himself up decently well for the years ahead, but right now his focus is on buying a new car. It may seem he does not spend money on anything, Noah still indulges once in awhile.

  “If I bought anything, I guess I spend a lot of my money on food,” he said, “But who doesn’t?”