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The Importance of Climbing Trees


In the morning, the woods behind Aleena Daenan's father's house looks peaceful and picturesque. Photo by Aleena Daenens

Taking an adventure to the top of a tree to listen to the symphony of cicadas and wind blown trees creates a sense of euphoria. From therapy to strength, the advantages of finding yourself in nature are endless. Peacefulness is often a thing that is underappreciated, with influences of society creating a culture based on technology, love, drugs and being on the move. Since the moment I found my favorite climbing tree it created a new view on the world I lived in.

Put your phone down.

In the woods behind her father’s home, Aleena Daenens finds solace in a tree. Photo by Aleena Daenens

The addiction to cell phones creates a void of oblivious teens that have a lack of patience. Not only are cell phones bad for the build up of your mind, but it also affects self confidence. The “automatic-response” this society has become accustomed to has created an ADHD-filled generation. Not only ADHD is on the rise, but bipolar, depression, and anxiety rates are also increasing. The images of what happiness ‘should’ be and the likes you ‘should’ get has created standards that are often hard to reach which leads to degradation of confidence. With consumers now spending around five hours a day on their phones, and with many outliers being present, people are becoming more dependent on phones, and less dependent on the only non man-made beauty on this earth. Once phones get shut off, the main cause of less quality family time, depression, ADHD, all go out of the picture and people are able to enjoy life a lil’ more. Find yourself in a tree, listening to the dancing leaves, enjoying the natural things.

Spend more time with your family.

With the contradicting views of the ‘baby boomers’ generation and the millennials it has caused a lot of restraints in the family environment. With constant tension between parents and children is understandable, because teenagers are prone to becoming more rebellious and develop a lack of good decision making skills. At the center of your development, however, is your parents. They were raised in different ways to develop a certain mindset that today’s subculture of rebellious teens addicted to their phones is seen as a negative counterculture and won’t be able to provide for the world when their generation takes over. This won’t inspire you to take the perspectives of your parents to heart, but what they want for you is to develop into a good person. So climb a tree, find your values, and enjoy your family.

Most importantly, climb a tree