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Twin mental link may (or may not) exist

Connection unproven
Alexander Grey(Unsplash)
A set of twins peering in the camera

Seeing double, double luck, harmony, and joy. In many cultures, twins are considered a good luck charm.

Twin telepathy is a term the internet has passed around for years. If you’re unaware of the meaning, twin telepathy is the ability for twins to be able to think “with” one another. 

After asking local twins about their experiences with this unnatural phenomenon, the answers differ. Dan Ginder verbalizes his experiences of twin telepathy or lack of it, 

“ I would say no. A lot of people over the years have asked that because it’s sort of a twin thing.” 

Statically this is the “correct” answer, twin telepathy hasn’t been proven, even by pristine scientific research. However, other twins believe that statement is false. 

Many believe in the magic of twin telepathy. For instance, local twins Addison and Aidynn Heimann feel the magic is real.

“ I could always sense when Addison is going to come home or come in my room,” said Aidynn.

This brings up the term ESP, also known as Extrasensory Perception. This is the ability to attain information and knowledge without interacting with anyone or having any other experiences like this.

Twins Addison & Aidynn Heimann in their college dorm room (Jenny Riley Heimann)

The term (ESP) breaks down to “extra-sensory”, or extra sense. Since kindergarten, we’ve been taught about our five senses: taste, hearing, sight, smell, and touch. But do twins share another? 

World profound scientists who study at the University of California, Berkeley, are still unclear about the orientations of ESP.

A hypothesis is an explanation for why a phenomenon exists. This can be looked at scientifically and unscientifically. The students at Berkeley decided, scientifically, that ESP is a fluke. 

Nonetheless, twins still share an unmatched bond. Dan Ginder, Head of the Athletic Department, states that this bond is sincere.

“It [twin telepathy] sort of goes back to that you have those feelings for the people that you care deeply about that you love and those loved ones when your friend is hurting you hurt,” said Ginder.

Twins’ bonds are deep and personal, they’ve spent a long nine months in the womb and created a long-lasting bond together. 

This time spent in the womb is personal and calm, and spending this time with twins expands the connection between the two people. 

Twins don’t only look the same, they also think the same. 

“We’ve been intertwined, if you will, intertwined for a long time,” Dan Ginder.

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