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Allison Reid
After 13 years of being involved in softball and involvement in at least four other extracurricular activities, Junior Allison Reid is what one would truly call a jack-of-all-trades.

Outside of her regular class load and being a member of the 2017-2018 newspaper staff, she participates in softball, is a Raktivist leader, and is a member of the school’s Still Frame Society. She’s also been attempting to get more involved in her church, Crossbridge Community Church, since her baptism a few years ago.

Believe it or not, Allison was even more active in extracurriculars when she was a child, participating in softball, tennis, dance, basketball, and soccer. However, not all of these stuck, and the main sport that she stuck to was softball.

“What am I even doing when I’m not at school or softball?” Allison jokes. “I go to the gym, I go to school, I go to practice, I come home and I go to bed.”  

Allison says she believes she’s “too committed to groups” and sometimes feels concerned about her workload, but remains dedicated to her extracurriculars nevertheless. Yet out of all of the extracurricular activities she’s a part of, the activity that she remains the most connected to and involved in  is softball, as she’s been playing tee-ball since she was four years old. 
Allison also enjoys writing, though she doesn’t feel she has enough time for it recently. However, she was very active in her writing in previous years. “I have a flash drive with at least a thousand pieces of writing on it,” she says.  

This is Allison’s first year on the newspaper staff, as the publication did not run last year due to a staff shortage. Allison was also a member of the school’s journalism class last year.

“Way back when, I wanted to be a journalist… my grandpa told me that journalists won’t amount to anything, so I kinda blew it off, but then I took journalism last year and really loved it.”  



Allison Reid, News Editor

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Allison Reid